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Using knowledge and experience from both Policing and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), Andrew Pouliot and James Gillespie formed Dynamic Transport Solutions. The company began with a base out of Ottawa and has added a second location to accommodate individuals and corporations within the GTA. The additional office location provided Phil Kimball the opportunity to join our team. We are one of the only companies in Ontario that can offer two different law enforcement perspectives, each providing significant value to our clients.  Our primary goal is to assist carriers, by helping them understand the various Provincial and Federal legislation they are required to comply with.

Andrew Pouliot

Andrew spent seven years as a Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). During his time with the OPP, Andrew had worked as the lead investigator for collisions, including ones involving Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV’s). He has an extensive knowledge base of the Highway Traffic Act and how it pertains to the operation of CMV’s in Ontario. Andrew spent countless hours in the court room as an investigating officer and witness to vehicle offences, including charges laid under the Criminal Code of Canada and Provincial Acts and Regulations. His vast understanding of courtroom procedures and the Ontario/Canadian legal process is second to none. Andrew also has a vast understanding on how the MTO assigns Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration points (CVOR points) to carriers after a collision occurs. Andrew plays a pivotal role during a Carrier Safety Risk Analysis, where he will look in depth to ensure all points on a carrier’s CVOR abstract are appropriate and accurate.

James Gillespie

James spent over ten years working for the Province of Ontario in law enforcement, including 7 years with the MTO as a Transportation Enforcement Officer. While working as a Transportation Enforcement Officer, he worked in several different enforcement districts throughout Southern and Eastern Ontario, including the GTA. He had the opportunity to gain some experience working out of a truck inspection station but primarily spent his time completing on road enforcement. James brings a wealth of knowledge relating to the safe operation of commercial vehicles in Ontario and other jurisdictions throughout North America. Enforcing primarily the Highway Traffic Act and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, he gained valuable knowledge of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Cargo Securement, Weights and Dimensions, Hours of Service and the CVOR system.

Philip Kimball

Phil Kimball currently provides expertise to the Quality Assurance and Compliance division of a major transportation corporation and  acquired over 8 years of law enforcement knowledge from the Province of Ontario where he held the role as a Transportation Enforcement Officer (TEO) and Vehicle Inspector (VI) with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). Phil also holds current valid certifications in the trades of Automotive Service Technician and Truck & Coach Technician. His employment with the MTO required him to perform scale and roadside truck inspections, coach and mentor new officers and investigate complaints and fraudulent activities within the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station program. As a result, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge relating to the operation and inspection of passenger and commercial motor vehicles as it pertains to the MVIS program. He gained valuable knowledge of the judicial system while enforcing such legislation as the Highway Traffic Act and Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and was qualified as an expert witness in the area of mechanical vehicle repairs. Phil is also thoroughly knowledgeable with the requirements of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, Cargo Securement, Weights and Dimensions, Hours of Service and the CVOR system.

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