Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration


What is CVOR?

CVOR stands for Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and it is a 9-digit number associated to a specific company/carrier. This 9-digit number is very similar to a driver’s licence, however it tracks a companies safety record in order to improve road safety in the Province of Ontario.

Operators that require a CVOR

Companies or Carriers that operate certain types of vehicles require a CVOR certificate, including commercial motor vehicles that are plated in Ontario, the U.S. or Mexico. These vehicles include:

  • trucks with a gross weight or registered gross weight over 4,500 kgs
  • buses with a seating capacity of 10 or more passengers
  • tow trucks – regardless of gross weight or registered gross weight

How CVOR works

The CVOR system monitors an operator’s safety record over a 2-year period. The CVOR record contains information such as:

  • operator information including fleet size, kilometres travelled, commodity transported, overall violation rate, and a Safety Rating
  • convictions
  • reportable collisions
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) safety inspections
  • ministry interventions such as letters, interviews, audits and sanctions

The CVOR certificate identifies the operator and contains a unique 9-digit number. The current certificate (or a copy) must be carried in each commercial motor vehicle operated under the CVOR certificate. Operators must surrender the certificate when requested by an MTO enforcement officer or police officer for inspection purposes.

Evaluating operator’s performance

The CVOR system evaluates an operator based on the events on its CVOR record. An operator’s on-road performance is evaluated based on 3 safety indicators:

  1. Collisions
  2. Convictions
  3. Roadside Inspections

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